Saturday, November 7, 2009

striped fun!

grandma's cardigan. teal old navy tee. pink old navy dress. black tights. striped socks from costco. :) puma sneakers.

the pink pearl bracelet was made by my cousin stacy. the blue/grey bangle was originally a black one. i wrapped it with my mom's left over yarn! :)

dragonfly pin from korea, i think. and the purple pin i kept from an old tacky limited too shirt a long time ago.

oh daissyy!

this is just imagining the dress my mom is going to make me. the blue "dress" is just fabric that i have wrapped around myself to see what it will look like :). haha. i am happy about the belt, though. it's actually the long strap of a small purse i have. whoo!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

tough it out with chains and a vintage-y skirt

Shirt: F21, Skirt: Mom's high school skirt, Necklace: DIYed, Leggings: F21, Flats: Thailand

Friday, August 28, 2009

3rrrrrddd day of school!

Took my first test of the school year.
Tried to switch into APArt.
Counselors busy. Can't switch schedule.
Already dreading school. Teachers scare me.
Nonetheless, threw on a brown beachy smocked dress over a blue green striped tee. Wrapped a long scarf around for a bit of warmth and for the sake of embellishing.

At the end of the school day, my messy bun became even messier. Hardy har har. I made thin braids on both sides of my head and proceeded to make a messy bun, leaving my side bangs down.

I bought this coin bracelet the week before school started at claire's just so I could use up my gift card. Eh, it didn't work. I now have like 4 dollars left. That's annoying.
I was unpleasantly surprised that day. Having not stepped into a Claire's store in forever, I walked in thinking about a store of cute jewelry. BOY WAS I MISTAKEN. IT WAS TACKY AND DISGUSTED ME, BASICALLY. this, however, i like. haha. the disgust i felt in claire's was present, but a hundred times, worse the day before that, at none other than... Forever 21. anyways, point is. i like this bracelet. it jingles when i move my wrist :). jingle jingle

Ah, another one of my DIY feats. This was my first time wearing these. Here's the not-so-spectacular upcycling story. Feel free to skip it.
I bought a pair of golden flats at Target to wear to my cousin's wedding a few years back. After that, I wore it happily until I scuffed the sides and the some of the gold coloring came off. I decided to add buttons to it, and started out sewing them on by hand. To this impatient and not-that-highly-skilled crafty girl, that proved to be a) too difficult, and b) rather tedious, long, work. So I adhered some of the buttons way too low. Some of the buttons are already scruffy and hot glue gunning turned out to not be so *AH FANTASTIC* either. There is a navy blue button missing on the left shoe.
ANYWAYS. i did get some compliments and i felt great wearing them, knowing no one else in the whole wide world owns these shoes. :) yay for pseudo- individuality.

scared. happy. proud.

Just survived the four-day first week of school! Due to my self-esteem issues, I will proceed to brag about my small accomplishments so i will feel happy. like i should. and am. :)

1) I have been eating healthy. fruits. veggies. but soooo yummy.
2) Biking! cycled around, enjoyed the amazing scenery
3) Kicking it off with a great start in two of my hardest classes.
4) Wearing clothes that make me HAPPY, COMFY, and CONFIDENT

So here's a week's worth of outfits coming to you. (In separate posts, of course.)
Second Day of School Garb. I've never worn the shirt and cardi together before, and was excited at the outcome. This is probably my favorite outfit this week.
slouchy yellow striped cardigan+white ribbed tank and purple floral shirt+hydraulic skinny jeans, topped off with a DIY green guitar pick necklace and bowtie brown ballet flats.

I punched a hole in the guitar pick and attached it to a chain with an old earring. (I do not have my ears pierced, but often use earring parts for crafts. My auntie used to own a store, and when it closed, we basically got all the inventory. notebooks, jewelry, stickers, etc.

Friday, August 21, 2009

first day jitters

*Note* This was actually written and taken on the 25th.

First day of school, y'all. I have to rush out to my English night class, but here is what I wore today.
It's a basic grey long-sleeved tee with a purple tank layered over it. There is nice little detailing at the waist. And ah-hah! This is the sophomore outfit embellished with the baubles necklace! These jeans I had from last year, but I recently had them shortened, and I absolutely adore them. The comfy black ballet flats were my first pair of flats. Ever.

Yes, I am looking extremely dorky with a vase.. eh.
On another note...
Yay! As an extreme newbie in this fashion blogging world, I am happy that I can now use the Independent Fashion Bloggers badge on The Happy Outlet! Whoo!!
It's on the right hand column, guys.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

pretty baubles necklace

A few weeks ago, I made a shiny baubles necklace! . The only materials I bought for this wonderfully fun project were head pins, clasps, and jump rings. The chain I'm pretty sure came from a belt that broke. Many of the beads I salvaged from old beaded hair ties. The heart key is from a Lisa Frank diary I received many years ago as a gift, and the locket I bought from Michaels a few years back. The lone purple bead is from a broken necklace. And of course, the soda can pop top! Love 'em! It makes the necklace much more funky. So far I have worn it once, but I'm not really satisfied with the outfit I paired it with.

First of all, the horizontal stripes make my shoulders look exceedingly wide. I'm wondering if its the cut on my narrow shoulders rather than the actual stripes, though. Usually horizontal on top helps balance out my bottom half.

I paired this form-fitting striped tunic with dark purple leggings and layered a flowy black tank top over it. The tank has a cute little pocket, but it's not visible in this picture. Shoes? I wore my trusty and well-worn purple flower flip-flops that my daddy bought for me in Burma! Yup. Just wanted to share (erm, brag about) my pretty necklace!

Adios soon-to-be-amigos, Teri