Friday, August 28, 2009

scared. happy. proud.

Just survived the four-day first week of school! Due to my self-esteem issues, I will proceed to brag about my small accomplishments so i will feel happy. like i should. and am. :)

1) I have been eating healthy. fruits. veggies. but soooo yummy.
2) Biking! cycled around, enjoyed the amazing scenery
3) Kicking it off with a great start in two of my hardest classes.
4) Wearing clothes that make me HAPPY, COMFY, and CONFIDENT

So here's a week's worth of outfits coming to you. (In separate posts, of course.)
Second Day of School Garb. I've never worn the shirt and cardi together before, and was excited at the outcome. This is probably my favorite outfit this week.
slouchy yellow striped cardigan+white ribbed tank and purple floral shirt+hydraulic skinny jeans, topped off with a DIY green guitar pick necklace and bowtie brown ballet flats.

I punched a hole in the guitar pick and attached it to a chain with an old earring. (I do not have my ears pierced, but often use earring parts for crafts. My auntie used to own a store, and when it closed, we basically got all the inventory. notebooks, jewelry, stickers, etc.

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